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Markus Frank  founded  FRANK INVESTMENTS in Barcelona.


Based on our clients' needs, we aim to provide best-in-class services in Real Estate matters.

Most agencies just "sell": FRANK INVESTMENTS offers in ONE PACKAGE:


- property search and selection

- finance and legal advices

- design and construction solutions


With more than 10 years experience in the field of real estate consulting and 25 years in architecture design services,

FRANK INVESTMENTS provides a wide range of best results in finance and design outcomes.

Daniel Sábat
"legal" Partner
Markus Frank Bild.jpg
Markus Heinrich Frank

Founding Partner

Markus used to work as an associate for world  famous architect OMA (Rem Koolhaas, 

Also he used to work in offices in Paris, at Jean Nouvel 

( and Loftdesigners in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY.

At FRANK INVESTMENTS ( he is currently managing more than 50 apt. units in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Markus holds different represantative partnerships with investors and generalplaner offices in Spain and Switzerland. 

In several housing units he was overseen the design and construction process as the founder architect at FRANK + PARTNER SL / GmbH ( which are located in Barcelona and Zürich.


Jordi Hidalgo

Business Development Manager


la foto.jpg

Daniel Sábat

Associative "legal" Partner

Daniel is lawyer, property manager and housing administrator.

He graduated as a lawyer in 2001 - Afterwarde he specialised into the Real Estate law. He is also a founder of Sábat Renedo S.L.. At the moment he is the manager and admninistrater from more than 300 apartment units (buildings) in and around Barcelona .


Daniel has memberships in following chambers

"Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona (nº 37775)" 

"Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona (nº 5860)" 

image1 (1).JPG 2015-12-7-23:35:20

José Antonio Moreno

Associative "finance" Partner

José used to work for many years as an acountant (Head of finance)

at a very well known Spain company in charge of foreign hotel investments before founding his own finance advisor and acount office in Barcelona ("MM Tax Accountants";

José is represanting several internationals investors (China, South and North America).

He is a member of the chamber of commerce 

("Colegio de Economistas de Cataluña #12340").

colegio-economistas.jpg 2015-12-5-11:15:
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